I'm Kelly Stamps.

I mainly blog over at kellyskornerblog.com.

I'm married and have two little girls - Harper (4) and Hollis (almost 2).

I feel like I cook the same 4 things every single week. Week after Week.  I hate meal planning.

One thing I do love is old fashioned cookbooks. And Southern Living.

So I had an epiphany one day that I should actually dig out those old cookbooks and try to make something new several days a week. Maybe we would find some new family favorites. Or maybe I would make a bunch of things we didn't like. But at least I would try and we wouldn't be bored with Supper anymore.

So 3-4 times a week - I'm cooking my way through my VERY FAVORITE "Southern Living" cookbooks and magazines and trying things out.  I will blog the recipe and what we thought about it. Maybe I will find some new favorites.

And maybe you will too!